We Care

T&C is committed to helping address critical challenges faced by our society. We extend our arm in philanthropy to the under-privileged in society by providing financial or other assistance so as to reduce the burdens of poverty. This includes feeding programs for the poor and disabled and offering relief to people in distress due to natural calamities such as floods,famines and epidemics. We extend aid to homes or other establishments that provide relief to the aged,orphans,widows and disabled members of our society.

Appropriate health services are largely inaccessible to some in our society. We are committed to the promotion of health and medical relief by extending cash and other assistance for the development,improvement,extension and running of hospitals,clinics,dispensaries and support all projects related to health and human suffering for the under-privileged.  

 We are committed to the promotion of education by way of cash or kind assistance for the development,improvement and extension of schools or colleges. For the disadvantaged but deserving students we endeavour to support them with tuition fees,books and other incentives as well as award scholarships for study,research and apprenticeship. We are committed to supporting innovative and effective projects to eradicate the youth unemployment challenge in the country by empowering them through internships,on-the job training and entrepreneurship programs.

As T&C we pledge our commitment to continuing delivering on our CSR endeavours as we have over the past 50 years.