Our Purpose

Building dream lifestyles with creative solutions

Our Philosophy


Our Priorities

Integrity,passion and innovation.

It wouldn’t be too far off the mark if we said that we are Kenya’s premier one-stop-destination when it comes to building and interior products – for architects,interior designers,developers and homemakers alike.

We offer an unparalleled variety of products,finishes and solutions for hotels,residences,corporates,offices,malls,schools and public buildings ensuring we deliver on our promise,and helping everyone live in style. Our emphasis on quality products at cost effective prices has helped us grow to a multi-location,multi-city brand over the years,bringing creative solutions that help turn abstract dreams into reality.

Living Spaces

Be it the tiniest of places at homes that you want to decorate or large office floors,we have the capability to offer solutions,execute and construct habitable spaces that create value. Making efficient use of space is one thing,making it livable is quite another.